As part of the London Jam we are running three public workshops – all exploring various aspects of improv, all taught by some of the world’s leading practitioners. 

Improv Your Life

Pippa Evans leading an ‘Improv Your Life’ session

with Pippa Evans
16th January . 10am to 5pm 
Cost: £50
Every day we are making things up as we go along. What am I having for breakfast? How am I responding to the angry man on the bus? What shall I say in this meeting? Sometimes that can be a little bit daunting. What if there were some tools that could make it all a little bit easier? What if there were skills you could acquire to tackle the everyday in new and exciting ways? Good news – there are!

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Connection, Play and Experiment

Becky Johnson, the taller half of the Sufferettes

with Becky Johnson
18th January . 10am to 2pm.

Improvised theatre is in constant flux and evolution; It operates in immediate response to situations, circumstance and trends. This workshop specifically for improvisers and led by Becky Johnson of the acclaimed Sufferetes (Canada) seeks to bend the possibilities of improvised work around the desires of the players. We will focus on connection, economy, building play and games to get to the joyful potential of this work.

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An Introduction to Improvised Musical Theatre

Introducing Improvised Musical Theatre

with Andrew Pugsley & Duncan Walsh Atkins
19th January . 10am to 5pm .

A one-off class to throw beginners in at the deep end, covering improvised group numbers with movement, solos and duets. Andrew Pugsley and Duncan Walsh-Atkins of The Showstoppers will teach the basics of their craft in an entertaining and enlightening session based around working together, listening and building confidence in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Great for team bonding – or just for having a good time! – this session is designed for experienced improvisers looking to develop new skills or for confident performers wishing to try improvising for the first time.

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