Almost Ibsen – An Improvised Tragedy

almost-ibsenTuesday Jan 17th, 9:15pm – click here for tickets (£13.50/£12.00 concessions)

Henrik Ibsen is dead. “Most unfortunate,” some will tell you, “Thank heavens,” say others and “I was not aware of that,” says a very few people.

One thing is certain; there is nothing new coming from the hands of the master anymore.

But three Norwegian actors from Oslo – the town where Ibsen spent most of his working life – have made it their mission to conjure up new, one act plays by Ibsen – plays that have not yet been written – to ensure a steady flow of new work.

In short, they make up stories in the style of Ibsen, on the spot.

Something different

This is not improv like you’re used to. Based on the writings of Ibsen, his themes and narrative style, these Norwegians presents improvisation in a rare, moving and at the same time playful manner. The audience gives a suggestion for an Ibsenesque title, and then it’s pure tragedy until the end.

Performed by Torgny G. Aanderaa and Nils Petter Mørland
Costumes: Jenny Bernson
Produced by Det Andre Teatret

International touring

The show has been invited and played at the International Ibsen Festival at the National Theatre in Norway, The International Impro Festival in Amsterdam and The International Festival for Improvised Theatre in Berlin. On their US tour this show also plays both in San Fransisco and Los Angeles.

“…the text reveals unexpectedly beautiful sentences…a beautiful result: the audience is witness to the creation of a play, here and now.”, 2015


“Torgny G. Aanderaa, Camilla Frey and Nils Petter Mørland are an outstanding group of improv. Invited at the Berlin Impro Festival, they collected some wonders and admiration from the connoisseurs.”, 2016

About Det Andre Teatret

Det Andre Teatret is a theatre in Oslo, Norway established in 2011. Since then they have had a remarkable success both at home and internationally. With a certain theatrical style of improvisation, they have made a reputation for their warm, entertaining and truth-seeking way of presenting their work. The ensemble has now 20 performers and they continue to develop both original improvised formats and scripted work. In fall 2016 they are going on their very first US-tour.

Visit them online at

The performers

Torgny G.Aanderaa is a founding member of Det Andre Teatret, an educated actor from The Nordic Insitute of Stage and Studio and has worked as an actor and improviser for 12 years. He has a broad acting background from both radio, tv and theatre, and is currently seen in the norwegian TV drama “Aber Bergen” at TV3.

Nils Petter Mørland is a founding member of Det Andre Teatret, an educated dramateacher from The College University of Oslo and Akershus and has worked as an actor, director and writer both for tv, film, radio and theatre. He has just finished two seasons of the TV comedy show “Alt er lov!” and recently left the position as Artistic Director at Det Andre Teatret that he held from the opening season.


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