The Sufferettes

Two of the best-loved performers on the Canadian and international circuits, Becky Johnson and Kayla Lorette create extraordinary characters out of thin air. Winners of numerous Canadian comedy awards this is a rare chance to catch them in the UK. They will be appearing with their own show on Thursday …

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Adam Meggido and Rachel Parris talk Jam on London Live

Festival artistic director Adam Meggido and Rachel Parris from Austentatious, give the low-down on The London Jam to London Live!  

Improvised Dungeons and Dragons

Improvised Dungeons and Dragons Prepare to enter the Realm of Improvised Nerdery! An improv comedy tribute to the classic pen-and-paper RPG, guided by the Dungeon Master (Mark Meer) and featuring a stalwart band of Player Characters, played by the some of the rest of the London Jam’s prestigious company of …

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Almost Ibsen

Almost Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen is dead. “Most unfortunate,” some will tell you, “Thank heavens,” say others and “I was not aware of that,” say a very few people. One thing is certain; there is nothing new coming from the hands of the master anymore. So this Norwegian company from Oslo, the …

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