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almost-ibsenAlmost Ibsen
Henrik Ibsen is dead. “Most unfortunate,” some will tell you, “Thank heavens,” say others and “I was not aware of that,” say a very few people. One thing is certain; there is nothing new coming from the hands of the master anymore. So this Norwegian company from Oslo, the town where Ibsen spent most of his working life, have made it their mission to conjure up brand new, one act plays by Ibsen – plays that have not yet been written – to ensure a steady flow of new work.

Based on the writings of Ibsen, his characters, themes and narrative style, Det Andre Teatret combine theatre and improv, in a rare, moving and playful style. The audience provides a suggestion for an Ibsen-esque title, and then it’s pure tragedy until the end.

Who’s who?

Nils Petter Mørland was artistic leader of Det Andre Teatret from the very beginning in 2011 until summer 2016. He has a broad experience both as an improviser, actor, writer and director on stage, TV, film and radio. He started working as an improviser in 2000 and has travelled Europe and North America on several occasions both to play and to teach.

Torgny Gerhard Aanderaa is a freelance actor who trained at the Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (NISS). He has previously performed at various stages in Agder Teater, Det Åpne Teatret and Akershus Teater. He has recently played in Akershus Theatre’s performance Speak! It’s so dark! and is currently giving life to a blind lawyer in TV3’s fledgling series Aber Bergen.

What the critics say

The text reveals unexpectedly beautiful sentences… a beautiful result: the audience is witness to the creation of a play, here and now.’

–, 2015

‘An outstanding improv group. Invited to the Berlin Impro Festival, they collected some wonders and admiration from the connoisseurs.’

–, 2016

Almost Ibsen will be showing on Tuesday 17th January at 9.15pm. Don’t miss this UK premiere! Click here to buy tickets!

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